green congregation

In response to the cosmic story of the billions of years of evolution that brought us the gift of life on this planet we call Earth, we are moved to a deep sense of awe. This intricate web of life reveals amazing complexity, diversity, harmony and beauty. With deep gratitude we honor the Divine Mystery which births and sustains us.  Recognizing our interdependence and interconnectedness with all elements of Earth, we commit ourselves as individuals and as a congregation to the well-being of our planet and to future generations. 

We will strive to:

• Build a connection between spiritual practice and environmental consciousness which affirms Earth as sacred and celebrates our relationship to the whole.

• Educate ourselves, our congregation and our community about environmental issues and injustices.

• Consider our impact on the environment when we plan and pursue any activity in the life of our church and our personal lives.

• Transform our habits and practices to achieve a just, sustainable and equitable future for all.

• Serve as an example of Earth-friendly practices for our community.

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We are a proud affiliate of the Green Interfaith Network, Inc. Please click HERE to visit the GINI website.