Our Peacemaking Team was one of the first to be organized around the PC(USA)’s Presbyterian Peacemaking Committee. Projects include:

1) Boroko Village Project - The Peacemaking Team began a relationship with Boroko Primary School in 2011 through Dr. Kip Elolia of Emmanuel Christian Seminary, who is a native of the region. The school (grades 1-8) has about 450 girls and boys. Boroko project successes include:

  • PHASE 1: raised money to pipe fresh water from a nearby spring to the community school
  • PHASE 2: installed a grinding mill at the school (profits from the mill help buy lunch for the school children)
  • PHASE 3: upgraded the spring house and water lines; purchased materials for the children to grow tree seedlings (protecting the hillside from erosion).
  • PHASE 4: improved the water system, planted a food garden & purchased chickens, which supplements their lunch program
  • PHASE 5: Purchased 2 cows and solar panels

other peacemaking projects

2) Social Justice Outreach - Some of the projects at FPCe include supporting:

  • Pies for Peace (proceeds go to Boroko village project)
  • Health-care for all in TN
  • “We Choose Welcome” (collaborating with Community Outreach) supporting the Syrian Refugee crisis by writing/calling TN representatives.   

3) 10,000 Villages - This Craft Sale (from artisans around the world) is a great way to buy high-quality, hand-made, unique gifts - often from reclaimed materials (also known as “up-cycling”). The event provides fair income to Third World communities by marketing their handicrafts, which helps the artisans pay for food, education, health care and housing.