Join us for a time of meditation, encouragement, and reflection on the timeless teachings of the world's spiritual traditions every Wednesday from 7-8:15 pm

Current topic:  Yoga Looks at the Beatitudes.  In the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5: 1-10) Jesus says some human conditions are “blessed”—not just blessed by God, but blessings in themselves.  What he says is surprising: Being poor in spirit is a blessing; so is mourning.  The subjects of other beatitudes seem out of date for our times: meekness, righteousness.  Join us as we reflect on the beatitudes from the point of view of yoga, a deeply psychological spirituality.  Our aim, as always, is to find insights we can act on.

Leader: Dr. Bill Kirkwood is a lineage holder in the Kriya Yoga tradition and has taught meditation and spiritual practice in the Tri-Cities for 40 years.



I've never meditated. Is the Meditation Gathering only for experienced meditators? The Meditation Gathering is for everyone, beginners and longtime meditators. Every week we walk through the basics of meditation, which are important for all of us to learn and remember.

Is the Meditation Gathering only for Christians? Meditation is an ancient, universal practice spanning all times and cultures. People of many religious backgrounds and of no particular faith attend the Meditation Gathering.

Can I attend the Meditation Gathering at any time?  Yes.  Although we spend several weeks on each topic, every week is open to newcomers. You can jump in at any time.

What happens at a Meditation Gathering? We begin with an opening prayer and a time for settling into the present moment. Then we review the basics of meditation, including posture, attitude, and a simple technique. We meditate for about 10 minutes, then Bill gives an encouragement talk on meditation and the spiritual path. A time for everyone to ask questions or share brief insights follows. Next, Bill leads reflection and discussion on the current topic, which changes about every six to eight weeks. We close the Meditation Gathering by joining together in a blessing for all life.