One Love, Many gifts

Each of us and all of life are enfolded in One Great Love, a Love that will never forsake us, never abandon us, and always hold us dear.  Please pledge your time, treasure, and talents to make One Great Love tangible in our world.

We’re grateful beyond words that last fall your pledges enabled FPCe to fully fund our 2019 budget.  This fall our request is simple: Keep it up!  One FPCe member said our stewardship theme should be “Ditto!”  Please continue your pledging.  And if you feel moved or able to increase your pledge, we'll be very thankful.  There is so much more FPCe can do to serve our region and our world with your financial support.


We have one additional request this year, and it doesn’t involve your pocketbook: Please get involved in the work of our church.  We need everyone’s energy, insights, and participation to fulfill FPCe’s vision. You’ll gain as much as you give and so much more.