Church Officers

Officers in the Presbyterian Church USA consist of Ruling Elders (often just called elders), Teaching Elders (also referred to as Ministers of Word and Sacrament), and Deacons. A church may choose whether or not to have Deacons, but may not go without ruling elders to govern the church. If a church chooses not to have a Board of Deacons, then the Session (the body constituted by the Elders of the Church) assumes the duties of Deacons, including pastoral care.

First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethton has 12 Elders on the Session, made up of 3 classes of 4 elders each, with one class elected each year and serving a 3 year term. We also have 9 Deacons, made up of 3 classes of 3 Deacons each.

You can learn more about the roles of church officers by checking out:  Being_a_Presbyterian_Officer.pdf.

2019 Session

The 2019 Session comprises 3 classes of 4 elders each:

Class of 2019

Bill Kirkwood (Stewardship, Finance, and Personnel)

Gary Barrigar (Peacemaking)

Sue Farthing (Worship)

Julia Rogers (Community Outreach)

Class of 2020

Mike Rose (Building & Grounds)

Lydia Roane (Christian Education, Deacons)

Rebecca Nunley (Clerk of Session)

Tamlyn Bernshausen (Christian Education)

Class of 2021

Roddy Bird (Worship, Community Life)

Bobbie Connelly (Worship, Christian Education)

Cheri Miller (Community Outreach)

Vickie Phillips (Membership)

2019 Board of deacons

The 2019 Board of Deacons comprises 3 classes

Class of 2019

Teresa Crowe-Rose

Aubrie Abernethy

Beverly Brown

Jennifer Gardner

Class of 2020

Jill Oxendine

Lee Kirkwood

Class of 2021

Tony Hedrick

Richard Brosmore